I feel myself being jealous and envying other people, like those who seem to have their lives together and are happy. Even just seeing other people enjoy things is annoying for me. Right now I am struggling to find pleasure in anything which according to people who need a word for everything is called “anhedonia”. Life is just so boring right now and when I look at peoples lives around me, I don’t understand how they enjoy it and how they can live the way they do.

Today I felt really detached, it was like nothing was actually happening to me. It felt as if I was dreaming yet I knew I was awake. And when I tried to think back to the day before all of the events felt as if I was remembering a dream… If anyone knows what this feeling is about I would like to know?

I keep getting headaches almost everyday which I would normally put down to stress. However I have nothing to be stressed about and right now would be the least stressed I have been in a long time. I guess I should work on my posture or something…?



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