I really have to think of better titles for these…

So in thinking about how much I lack friends, I was thinking about the fact that one of my few friends has expressed interest in having sex… He wants to be “friends with benefits”. To start with I am not sure whether I should be upset that he is not interested in a relationship? It isn’t that I want one, it’s just that he knows me well enough for his opinion to be valid. Why should I have sex with someone if they aren’t even willing to take me on a date first?

The other part of this is that when he mentioned this I never said either yes or no, so I don’t know if I say no to this offer whether he will still want to be friends? Is this just another guy who wants sex? Obviously I will have to decline the offer, even if I wanted to, I would only want to if he would still be my friend if I said no.

I also feel like everyone else is more likable, everyone else makes friends so easily and can be close with their friends. I take ages to make friends and refuse to open up. I have only told three people that i am depressed, and only one of them I told in person. I’m not even ashamed or anything, yet I don’t want people to know.




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