When Does Your Life Peak?

So many people have told me within the last year that now my life is easy, pretty much implying that my life will only get worse from now on. I’m 21, I am just starting my adult life. I have just taken my training wheels of, where as these people have had their training wheels off for a while now. Now I don’t remember much about riding a bike, but I am pretty sure that the time of taking your training wheels off was probably the hardest part of learning to ride the bike.

These comments actually really mess with me, as an individual who is suffering from depression if this is when my life peaks, I don’t want to be alive for the trough.

I’m not really here to argue whether life as a 21 year old is hard or not, the reality is it is different for everyone. You have no idea what a person has to deal with, to me the life of a five year old is so easy but some five year old’s are in a worse situation than I will likely ever have to deal with.


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