Life Doesn’t Suit Me.

I have know Idea how my depression is going at the moment. I don’t understand how anyone ever knows? Sometimes I just want to give up on life, not necessarily die, maybe more give up on societies view of life. I hate how everyone is expected to get a job and earn money, if you don’t manage to do that you are a “failure”. Nowadays it seems like the only way to get a job is to know people. People are lazy and if they know you they don’t have to go through most of the hiring process and they know you so it is safe. I hate safe, safe is boring. Fuck being safe.

The other way to get a job is to go through the whole interview process, or how I like to call it, “Who is the most up themselves without appearing up themselves.” This I have not mastered. The last interview I had, the interviewer decided the didn’t like me within 30 seconds. Well I don’t want to work for someone who is that judgmental anyway.

The reason they didn’t like me was because I was shy. Sometimes it makes me angry that shyness is pretty much always viewed as a negative trait. Shyness can come with many useful skills such as, being god listeners, approachable, Empathetic, creative, conscientious, and observant. Anyway if you don’t like me because I am shy then you can go fuck yourself.



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