3:30 am

It’s 3:30 am and I really need to sleep. I hate that I just tried to talk to my friend about a serious topic and they turned it into a joke. I got really fucked up due to a situation and now I can’t deal with certain situations. No one cares and it makes me feel like my reaction and feelings aren’t valid. I don’t know who to talk about this to? I’m too scared to talk to people about it.


One thought on “3:30 am

  1. Hey. Not being able to sleep is no fun. There are lots of things that will keep you awake ranging from the food you had for dinner to playing video games or watching tv or your monitor whether on phone, tablet or computer and that’s without the little voice in your head chattering away.
    You can do lots about it and get a good nights sleep but it takes a little effort.

    Your friend may not of been able to emotionally handle the info you gave them and the only way they could cope and process it is by making it a joke. I witnessed a horrific car accident hitting a cyclist and I started to freak out until I had the thought of “well at least she can now sell her bike and make some money as I doubt she going to be able to walk again let alone ride” That was a long time ago and I have grown a lot but it stopped me freaking.

    You posted earlier that you are getting some talking therapy perhaps there is the place to talk about your certain situations or you could try a mental health forum where you could remain anonymous. I believe when you are less tired you be able to think a bit more clearly and sort this out. Don’t feel alone or isolated, reach out and help will come and it will feel awkward but you only have to do it the once.

    Good luck


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