People just don’t get it…

I saw my doctor today who doesn’t want to change anything without a 2nd opinion. Now I have to wait two weeks for another opinion. Can’t complain too much because it is a fair enough request, but I don’t think they realise how long two weeks is. It seems like a really long time when you’re stuck on an antidepressant that isn’t working.

People act like they get depression, my doctor I can see tries. It just becomes obvious they don’t get it at times like these. My friend told me to message him “whenever I feel low”…. What does that mean? Do I just message them all the time?


3 thoughts on “People just don’t get it…

  1. Exactly! Or when people ask if I am “still” feeling low, like I should have figures it out by now… To be fair though, I think it is nearly impossible to get depression if you’re not going through it. I think it already means a lot if they are making an effort and they want to help.
    Good luck and best wishes!

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