I feel so inadequate, I don’t think I can cope. Time is moving to fast. Other people don’t realise what is wrong.





3 thoughts on “11/04/2016

  1. Hang in there. You almost going to pop out the good side.

    Your brain is trying to get used to the extra meds and it’s working out the best way to use it so it kinda puts you in limbo while it prods all the synaptic ends that are “depressed” to remind itself of what they used to do. Imagine your a big house with lots of rooms each one having a different theme or role, life functions, creativity, senses etc.. But your depression has made your house shut some of the rooms down. You know closed the drapes, thrown covers over all the furniture and there’s a good player of dust over every thing.
    Now yours meds are doers, house maids, cleaners whatever you wish to call them but they go visit these dormant rooms and revitalise them again. It takes time to tidy up mess and return it to its former glory especially as they are trying to restore all rooms at the same time . So the rest of the house gets a cloud of dust and all seems chaos. But then dust settles and you can see what’s changed for the better.

    I know it’s tough but it’s going to get so much better quite soon. Try and ignore the black dog muttering to you, it lies.

    Be good to yourself, go buy your favourite ice-cream and sit outside in the sun. Go to bed early and get up early. And exercise as much as you can. Goto the gym, go swimming, jogging, pillow fights, cycling does not matter what but get hot and sweaty on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes a day. Ask a friend or room mate to help motivate but do it. In just a few days you will feel so much better.

    I used to get twitches in my left buttock and pins and needles, tingling, in my toes and feet a lot. As well as feeling like I was swimming through jelly. All a bit weird and disconcerting but harmless. Mine last around 6 weeks but everyone is different.

    Apologies for the essay comment. I don’t know you but I am so familiar with depression and I recognise symptoms in you that I went through many times . Please if you want any more info.. Ask.


      1. That’s why I suggested doing some exercise to help speed it up. I know, sucks ass. In regards to not enjoying stuff you used to do, that will also return. It’s good to see you getting frustrated too as that’s a good sign you are getting closer to popping. It’s a strong emotion that your depression normally suppresses And that means the meds are working and you are rising from the dark put it dragged you into. All great positive things.

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