I don’t even know

This has been my least stressful exam period. I have lasted a long way through this exam period with a full set of eyebrows. Not sure if I am having problems with caring about things, or is this what it’s like for normal people..? 

It also possible because I am so terrified about my placement occurring after exams, I have the inability to stress about my exams properly. I hate people judging you in a semi personal way.

One time the feedback I got was about how I was too shy, and needed to be more confident. I was told to not take it personally. Problem with that is the comment was partially about my personality. I was told I had worn the correct clothing…. My brain interpreted that as, “well done, you dressed yourself today!” 

I hate approaching something that I don’t think I can do well in, I don’t even know where to start. 


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