I’m not sick..

So often people I don’t know very well think I am sick, like physically ill,like I have the flu or something. To be honest I’m not exactly sure what they are thinking but it’s awkward. I have to come up with some reason I look sick but don’t need to go home ie. I have a headache… But the reality is I’m just depressed. It would be better if society was more acepting of it and I could just explain but that is not the case. Oh well sometimes I get faster dr appointments because nurses think I’m way more sick than I am. 

Every cloud has a silver lining I guess..


3 thoughts on “I’m not sick..

  1. Please remember you are part of that society and the more honest you are about yourself the more people will respect and give you an honest answer back.

    I meet the general public on a daily basis through work and there are some days I’m not good, really not good. I used to give excuses of not feeling well or sick but used to feel so guilty from lying to them. Then I thought one day I would tell the truth and I was amazed at people’s reactions of positivity. 1 in 4 people in their lifetime will suffer from depression. They all had either experience themselves or had a family member who’d been ill. We share stories and knowledge and would all gain.

    I have never met anyone who has told me I’m a nutter and run away, not a single person.

    You can change people’s opinion and destroy the stigma against depression.

    Yes you.

    Be brave. Try it. It’s incredibly empowering

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      1. I find some people are more sensitive to how others are feeling and I guess you’ve met some too. Try saying something like “it’s hard work being depressed”. Watch their face as it sinks in.
        I hope your exams have been going well and good luck with the placement.

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