Yesterday I ended up really upset because someone stopped me from talking and disregarded what I said. Things like this are so frustrating when you hardly talk anyway. Like I finally talked and I was told to stop. Why bother? 

Then I had to find an excuse for being upset because it really wasn’t the time to be talking about feelings. I thought I would get an apology later …. But I didn’t. I’m so over other people! 



Do you ever get scared you are going hypomanic or manic? I don’t have bipolar, I think it would have shown up by now. But I feel better than normal and I keep thinking I have these great ideas, I research things because I think I could find a breakthrough. . . I kinda know it’s not the case at the same time though. I’m particularly just writing this because I think it should be documented for future reference maybe.. It’s only 12:19am nothing too rediculous at least.