I feel like a failure because I don’t know how to get a job. It’s hard to talk yourself up when you’re depressed. I haven’t even gotten an interview and I’m terrible at interviews anyway. I am way too anxious to start with and feel awkward talking about myself. Why does society rely upon such a uninformative system anyway?


One thought on “Failure

  1. Because hiring humans is fraught with uncertainty, who are themselves fraught with uncertainty. So companies pretend that they’re being objective by conducting interviews and giving tests and looking at resumes. (I can remember when companies relied on handwriting analysis!) But even then, it’s a crap shoot. Someone who looks good on paper or who presents well in an interview can be a complete incompetent or a slacker or not get along with coworkers. The conventional wisdom about job seeking is that you have to keep at it, and maybe you’ll get one interview for every 20 applications you submit.

    I hate the process so much that I’ve stayed in my current job for 10 years even though I hate it thoroughly rather than get in the job-seeking nightmare.

    I wish you luck. Take some strength from the knowledge that you ARE strong enuf to try and from the knowledge that there ARE some perceptive (and maybe even empathetic) hiring managers out there.

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