This week I got to the point where I just didn’t care, I was so over other people judging me. Normally I feel guilty if I don’t show up to things, so I always show up. This week I decided if I really didn’t want to go I just wouldn’t. In the end, I didn’t have much on this week and didn’t miss anything. However I felt that when I showed up I was more fully their, maybe it was because I felt like I actually chose to be there? 

I have a meeting with someone to try figure out what to do about my depression? Not really even sure what I’m going to? Shall be an interesting sunrise…


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  1. Going to therapy did a lot to help me deal with and understand my depression. I stuck with it for a long while until I decided I’d gotten all I was going to get from it.

    The problem with isolation is that it generally feeds depression. I understand how hard it is to get out amongst people when you don’t want to. I just wish I had some profound insight to give you to make it all better. But I don’t.

    Keep posting here. I’ll keep reading.

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