That’s one awkward conversation 

I didn’t write anything last night and writing something tonight could be interesting as I plan on consuming alcohol. Therefore I decided to do it now. The question of the day is about the fact that Drs and councillors that I talk to want me to tell my parents about my depression. I’m not sure why this is relevant as I am totally a fully functioning adult…. Well kinda. The thing is it’s not like my parents are completely clueless they know about councelling appointments ant I think my mum figured out I took medication. So pretty much what is left is to talk to them about self harm and suicidal thought which is just hella awkward, how do you bring that up?


3 thoughts on “That’s one awkward conversation 

  1. In an ideal world talking about these things would be as easy as it is to talk about a broken arm or leg. Sadly we don’t yet live in that world. I guess it comes down to how in depth you want to be with it. Maybe you just want to disclose the fact that you’ve unfortunately self harmed and leave it at that. Maybe you do want to talk about it in more detail or perhaps you’ve already got that burden off your chest by talking about it with the counsellor. It comes down to how close you are with your parents and how much you feel comfortable disclosing. Though I imagine they’ll want to know as much as possible about issues that revolve around suicide/self harm.

    I hope this has helped somewhat. I talk about it from personal experience, so I have an idea of what you’re going through. Just remember to take small steps and to be forgiving about your flaws/mistakes. It’s the best advice I’ve heard and it’s something I always try to reiterate to other people 🙂

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  2. I certainly have NOT talked to my mother about my depression. (My father is deceased. And he is also pretty much the cause of my depression.) My mother is of the generation that would dismiss depression as just a bad attitude. “What do you have to be depressed about? A lot of people have it far worse than you.” And that kind of crap. I can barely talk to my wife about it.

    The only suggestion I can offer is that if you do choose to talk to your parents, remain the person in control of the conversation. When you feel you’ve said enuf or don’t want to go into certain areas, be firm about shutting it down. Don’t let such a conversation cause you to be a victim.


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