Awkward questions 

It’s so awkward when you go to appointments and they start asking questions, it’s embarrassing that’s why I don’t bring it up myself. It makes me feel pathetic. No I haven’t eaten today, I have lived off McDonald’s for the past week, I brush my teeth once or twice a week not once or twice a day, I shower every two to three days and yeah I didn’t really leave my bed yesterday. 

Stop asking me to rate how I feel between 1-10, I just make it up. I want to die multiple times a day the difference between a good day and a bad day is how intense that want is….


2 thoughts on “Awkward questions 

  1. Like you I really hate the numbering system they make you use for CBT! Like you say, I could so easily lie about it. On the plus side, talking through things helped, and setting small reachable goals for myself did help in the long term.

    Also please try not to be embarrassed by things like eating MacDonalds every day or whatever. You have an illness you find it very hard to control. An equivalent reaction for a physical illness would be someone who had broken their leg yet felt embarrassed that they had to rely on a crutch to get around. Which sounds a bit ridiculous I think.

    I hope this doesn’t come across as me being insensitive or patronizing. That is not my intention. I just think it’s about time that perceived mental illnesses with the same severity we approach physical ones. I hope this helps somewhat.


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