Do you ever get scared you are going hypomanic or manic? I don’t have bipolar, I think it would have shown up by now. But I feel better than normal and I keep thinking I have these great ideas, I research things because I think I could find a breakthrough. . . I kinda know it’s not the case at the same time though. I’m particularly just writing this because I think it should be documented for future reference maybe.. It’s only 12:19am nothing too rediculous at least. 


One thought on “27/07/16

  1. If it’s been around 6 to 8 weeks since you upped the meds then I expect they are finally working. Yay !

    I usually get a real low patch and then boom they kick in. Feels a bit manic but I think it’s just the contrast. Either way up is up and it’s a darn sight better than down. Now go catch up on all your shit you’ve not done for ages.

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