I feel like I have been dumped somewhere, like that irrelevant object you have and just don’t want it taking up space in your life. About three weeks ago the Uni health provider refuted me to where I am now, don’t get me wrong where I am is fine. The place I am at is a really good service and I’m sure it helps a lot of people, it’s just no one considered who I was. The just put mental health with mental health. I mean to start with its unethical to not treat me as an individual. 

There hasn’t even been a consideration of my health literacy. I’m not the only one there like that either, the same psychiatrist referred my friend there. Where I am focuses a lot on education and understanding about what their condition is, they do also focus on strategies. Let’s just say I’m a nerd and already know how my condition and medication works, likely in more detail.

The psychiatrist has talked to me for a total of about an hour, three sessions of 20 minutes… They were booked for 50? They don’t know shit about me no mater how qualified they are. The gp asks her for advice on medication but she doesn’t even know me? 

Sometimes I actually think I’m invisible, I just get left out of so many things.


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