I’m so weird

I think my brain is different, I’m just so bad with words. I can never find the right words to explain the mess that is in my brain. And even then, so often the word I’m thinking doesn’t come out… It’s a different word. This especially bad with writing. Sometimes I swear in dyslexic, when I’m writing sometimes I go to write a b and I don’t even write a d, I write a p. I know it’s wrong, their is just something that goes wrong between my brain and paper. 

The thing is I can’t even really look into being tested, because to start with its too expensive and if I bring it up people will say I shouldn’t have gotten this far if I was… The thing is it effects my self esteem so it really would be interesting to know.  

Recently I have been feeling really weird, like I am unsure if something was real or a dream. Well actually more like things that did happen kinda feel as if they were a dream. I don’t know what this means? Is this normal? 

Also is anyone on multiple medications? Eg. Two antidepressants. I want some opinions on the topic. 


3 thoughts on “I’m so weird

  1. I can’t offer much in advice in the way of medication, but I can say that a lot of us cannot always find the right words to put on paper . I often believe that when explaining the symptoms of my mental illness, there are simply no words that do it justice! We can only do our best I suppose!

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  2. There have been many times that I was unable to distinguish between actual events and events that happened in my dreams. Only later, when I tried to confirm these with “real” people was I able to confirm that I had only dreamed them.

    I am not off of medication altogether. They never did anything for me but give me side effect. I can’t offer any advice other than to believe your gut. Try to get testing or confirmation or conversation: anything objective that can help you make sense of your self.

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