Stupid doctors

Well I went to the doctor today, they didn’t even mention that I missed my last appointment. I don’t think they even noticed, I could have been dead. Anyway they didn’t do anything,  it’s what I expected but it’s kinda disappointing. I don’t even know what they are thinking sometimes? Like oh your antidepressant isn’t working? We will just leave it. 

I am going to group, but that doesn’t do that much. I also kinda feel like, hey! I’m doing my part now you do yours! 

I watch everyone give up on me, while trying not to give up on myself. 


6 thoughts on “Stupid doctors

  1. When you mention your doctor, is it a psychiatrist? Not all of them do psychotherapy, which is essential in the process of getting better. If you don’t like your current psychiatrist, go to a different one, preferably one that does both things: medicated you and helps with psychotherapy.

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  2. Most of the time when I go to my regular doctor, I feel more like a customer than a patient. They’re always trying to “sell” some further treatment to me. I stopped going to my psychiatrist because I felt more like a “project” to her than a person.

    I wondered if they would notice that you’d missed that earlier meeting. Not surprised that they didn’t.

    I don’t have any advice for you, but if I could take some of your troubles off your shoulders, I would!


  3. You will get back what you put in. No one can read your mind. If someone asks how you are feeling and you say ok then will accept that you are OK and the meds are working.
    It’s like college. You go to class, you learn, they then test you to find out if you have learnt.

    Depression is the same. You learn to cope, to live and to get better. They then test /ask you to see if there’s any progress. If there is not they then change the program to help you.

    You put garbage in then garbage comes out. Gigo. That goes for everything in life too.

    We know you are shy so you will have to be brave and express yourself.

    No one has given up on you. You have given them nothing to work with. Imagine going to class and the teacher arrives, sits down, remains quiet and writes nothing on the board. How much did you learn that class? Don’t be that teacher.

    Group is there for you to hear how other people cope and what they use to manage their lives. It’s a class to learn life skills. And they want to hear from you how you manage. Even the smallest detail may make a massive difference to someone else. And you may learn something too.

    To sum up. No one is going to help if you do not help yourself first. Don’t insult them for your own stupidity.


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