I cried

Today I was talking to the mental health nurse and I cried. This never happens to me, I have never cried in a therapy session or anything. But today I did, it just happened and I was shaking. It was a tad tragic to be honest. I just felt so hopeless I guess. 

It’s just I tried to be hopeful and positive, I was going ok. But then everything shat itself. I feel very alone.


2 thoughts on “I cried

  1. Do not worry about crying at therapy! It doesn’t sound tragic to me, it sounds like you have hit rock bottom and your body & mind is telling you this! This is not a negative thing as opening up, letting it out allows for you start and rebuild your mind, body and soul! I myself have been there it effin sucks but looking back it was the start of my healing! Unfortunately, with anxiety and depression to start your LONG journey in recovery we all have to hit rock bottom! Keep strong, keep blogging and I, along with this other dysfunctional yet beautiful community of people will stand behind you 1000%! You are doing a good thing posting!
    You are never alone, people will always listen!

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  2. The first time I cried during a therapy session, I had 4 doctors restraining me telling me to calm down. I broke down and went berserk. Throwing chairs and crazy shit. I wasn’t in control I just lost it. It was a difficult situation for me I don’t like crying Infront of people.

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