I had counselling today, I really need to be able to talk about my emotions. I need to actually figure them out first though… Any suggestions on how to get in touch with your emotions?


2 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. Just talk, the counsellor can sort out which is which and subtly guide you.

    Talk about anything you know if you see a brown leaf and it makes you sad that it fell off the tree. Does it miss the tree. Does the tree miss the leaf. Did it hurt when it hit the ground. Where’s it going to go from here? Subject does not matter but the emotion behind it even if it’s small and you think hidden your answers will give it away.

    TBH you are already in touch with your emotions, look back through your posts and you will find a whole host of emotions from anger to despair.

    Tell the counsellor what you think of group, what you think of doctors and what you think of him/her. Don’t worry about offending them, it’s not personal to them just dump that shit out. Life always feels better after a good crap.

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