I’m never anyone’s priority, it’s not that I expect to be always put first. But when it’s needed I should be, still doesn’t happen. I see the psychiatrist in a few days, I’m scared I’m going to fuck it up. I need to communicate well this time. I have been communicating better with my counsellor but I don’t see my psychiatrist much and they ain’t the most approachable person. 


One thought on “02/09/2016

  1. My first psychiatrist was more of a robot. My second was more of a mother. I only went to them for the prescriptions, not for any therapy. Once I stopped taking the meds, I stopped seeing the psychs. I stuck with my psychologist much longer, but even that came to an end. Fighting this thing on my own is not easy, but I don’t think I was getting much help from the professionals.

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