Weird interactions 

The nurse I talked to today was so weird, I don’t know how to explain it. They were just like, “why would you do that?” ” why didn’t you do this?” “What if other people realise and think?” 

I don’t have that much control over myself. Like I have control, but I’m a weird person.

My counsellor also asked, “does anyone know you have felt suicidal in the past?” It’s so weird to have someone describe you as being suicidal. It makes it so real, it was like a knife in my stomach. 


One thought on “Weird interactions 

  1. Sorry about the knife in the stomach feeling.
    My therapist seemed to dismiss my suicidal thoughts/feelings. Maybe that suggests she was able to read me well enuf to know I wasn’t “serious.” But she also dismissed some other issues that were consuming me. That’s pretty much why I stopped seeing her.

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