Some random general update on me

I am going to be so tired this week, just had such a busy last couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see if it is picked up by the doctor this week, one time they tried to claim that I had an increased blinking rate. That for sure was an interesting claim, I was also then distracted for the rest of the appointment, trying to figure out how fast I was blinking. My doctor really seems to be the optimist type, just trying to cling to anything…

Last time when the nurse told me, I “looked exhausted”, I felt like I had more energy than I had previously had for a while. Maybe I was over-tired?

This week should be a much less busy week for me, well theoretically anyway. I really feel like I need some decent alone time this week, people are really starting to frustrate me.

I’m not usually much of a talker/social interacting person, however, I have found that recently when I have been talking to people, they have found me kinda funny, I should totally claim this.

I should really go to sleep right now, but alas I have consumed too much caffeine yet again.

I seriously need to learn how to spell, maybe I should write a blog with no corrections with spellcheck, and you think I had errors before.


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