My back up plan. 

My back up plan for life is to become a stand up comedian, I’ll just talk about the mental health system…because it’s already a joke. 
But seriously, it’s a system that should be hard to get out of, yet is a struggle to stay in. It is rare to find someone that even vaguely understands. Like just yesterday, I was talking to a psychiatric nurse, you know someone who’s job it is to understand. They couldn’t comprehend that I couldn’t see a future, made me feel like I was so abnormal. This same nurse just asked me, “why I would self harm, what if somebody knew?” Oh yes, so helpful, it has never crossed my mind that people could judge me. So insightful! I won’t do it now. 

I had to encourage my doctors to try more medication, they gave up before I did, way to make me feel hopeless guys. And then when they decide to try something new, they want to wait a few weeks first. No that is torture when you have suicidal thoughts, I’ve been waiting three months lets go now! 


3 thoughts on “My back up plan. 

  1. That nurse sounds like she needs to find a new career field. My first psych doc was more robot than human, as though applying an equation to my situation would result in the correct solution. My second thought that there was a pill to solve anything and everything. I stopped going.

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