Sometimes I have so much emotion inside me I just want to scream. I don’t even know what emotion it is? I think it is a mixture of so may emotions, sadness, anger, anxiety…. definitely no happiness. A large amount of frustration.

This is not the time I am at my most logical. Although at the same time, I am, but only if it results in a negative. Does that make any sense? I doubt it. I’m not the best with words. I am like 90% sure I’m dyslexic. Just yesterday, in my exam, I couldn’t spell the word, John. I kept trying to put, Jhon. Actually, just now I still tried to put Jhon. . . I know there’s supposed to be an h in there somewhere. Just a tad tragic really. Anyway, one day when I have money, I might pay to be tested. How do they even test for it anyway? I can’t express this concern with people because I will likely be told I have gotten too far through education for it to be the case.




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