My Sort of Sexual Assault Story…

So this has popped up in the media a bit recently,

As a young, naive 19 year old, who went to catholic school, with no previous relationship history. A guy started talking to me online, we had mutual friends and I knew who he was. We chatted for a bit, met up at the library to study as it was nearing exam time. He then invited me over to his, to watch a movie, we watched for a bit, had a couple of “make out” sessions, which I wasn’t that keen on, but didn’t want to reject as I was afraid he wouldn’t want to meet up again. I went home, everything was OK. 

After, he messaged me on Facebook, he asked if I had done much with guys, I replied with, “about as much as we did last “. Which really was not much. He asked if I wanted to do more, I said, no not right now. To be honest I expected him to bail then. But he didn’t, he said it was ok. He invited me over again in fact, he asked me to stay the night. I said I didn’t really want to as I had early class the next day. Yet when we finished the movie I was too awkward to leave so agreed to sleep in his bed. When I was tiring to sleep, he rested hi hand on my stomach, and asked is my hand ok here, seems polite. I assumed it was for comfort and said it was fine. He then move his hand from over my clothes on my stomach, higher, then under my clothes over my bra, then moved his hand under my bra. I didn’t respond. He eventually moved away from me and went to sleep. 

This situation happened 4-5 times, every time in between telling me how much he liked me and wanted to do more, never in person, only online. I don’t know why I let it happen, I guess I didn’t want to deal with the rejection. I never admit this happened to me. Therapists always ask if I have been sexually abused, I justify it by thinking, I wasn’t abused. I guess this is a lesson for anyone who deals with this type of thing. Make you questions vague, because any detail that doesn’t match is a reason to deny it. 


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