The thing about depression is, those who haven’t been through it, just have don’t know what it’s like. I have watched people try, but something gets lost in translation. The person wants to think they understood, but they didn’t. It’s always strange when you encounter someone who has been through it, you say the same words, but they translate it correctly. There is just this weird mutual understanding that is there.

The weird part about this mutual understanding is that the topic of depression doesn’t even have t come up. It’s just there. It is useful, it allows us to pick our peers out of a crowd.

The other side is the frustration side, the lack of understanding side. It means I can ask for help multiple times, people try to help, but they’re just not being helpful.

People like to think they would know if their, friend or family member was depressed. That’s not how it works, you won’t pick up on it unless the depressed person want’s you to pick up on it. So many health professionals I have seen have been female, who have children. I can see them thinking they would know if it was their kid when I had told them my parents didn’t know. But I know they wouldn’t know. That’s just not how it works. People are too self-absorbed.




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