Around ten days ago, I filled out a form for my medical records from my medical centre to be sent to me. These notes contain notes from, counsellors, GP, and the psychiatrist. So obviously, when a massive envelope labelled, “private and confidential” came through my mailbox, I was excited. That might be a strange emotion to feel, but it’s almost like catching up on the latest gossip, excepts it’s private and about you….

Some interesting things said about me, “has an unusual presentation, mask-like facies”. “interesting she is less blank looking and has improved blink rate”, “seems to be entrenched in the state she is in” – well shit I wasn’t even thinking that negative… “very serious and sombre, but talking spontaneously which is unusual for her.”

Lots of “needs long-term psychotherapy” however no one has helped me access long-term psychotherapy – Classic mental health system.

It’s so interesting getting other people’s perspective of you, some extremely strange stuff has been said. Some people say that it can make you feel worse to read you notes. However, i personally think it’s nice to know.


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