Yesterday my sister put on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry Potter brings back memories from when I was a child. I remember begging my parents to read the first book to me when I was about six. It was strange to watch, the actors look so young, when I first saw the movie they looked much older. Time is a weird thing.

From my past, I was drawn to the dementors. They draw away all peace, hope and happiness. An admitted metaphor for depression. Remembering back to my vague obsession, when I researched JK Rowling for my school speech, she went through depression. I don’t think Harry Potter would have been the same without it. She did a very good job of describing it. I wish I could express things better.




3 thoughts on “Dementors

  1. I think you do a good job of expressing yourself. Read your own blog for proof.

    And like anything in this world – the more you practise the easier and better it will become.

    Analogies are my favourite tool – Today I feel like a ……. small excited terrier that caught a whiff of a cooked meat pie.

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  2. I’m not the only one who has wondered how Harry ever could have NOT had depression and a host of other mental illnesses, given the upbringing he had and then the revelations about his past later. I like the dementor metaphor, but Harry was too neuro-typical to be fully credible (even in a fantasy story). Still, the novels are a great contribution to literature, and I don’t begrudge Rowling one nickel of her success.

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