I have been a little bit inactive, around Christmas time. It’s strange how it sort of feeds on itself. One day you feel you have nothing to say, then you haven’t posted and you feel like it should be a more worthwhile post. There are so many things that once started are so difficult to stop.

I have been having some very strange dreams recently, such unusual storylines. They are so unrealistic, yet sometimes it’s still hard to distinguish these dreams from reality.

I got a new laptop today, so exciting as my previous one was over four years old. New things are always fun. Everything just seems so fresh, even on something as mundane as a laptop.

I’m trying not to mess up my sleeping pattern too much as I start work in two weeks. That is coming around very fast. I need to celebrate my freedom while I can. Is there any way this cannot be so conflicting? It is currently 1.32am, so the side of freedom seems to be winning at the moment.


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