Time has been going very fast recently, almost five days into 2017. I begin travelling tomorrow, I move into my new flat on Saturday, and then Monday start working. I wonder how long it will take for me to make new friends?

The past two days I have been feeling this weird mix of anxiety and sadness, not in an intense way, it’s just in the background. I think I am gradually getting better at noticing and acknowledging feelings. It’s so strange that I have never been very good at it. Others in my family are capable of it. But some weird glitch in my environment obviously caused me to be all abnormal.

It’s weird to think back to what I was like a year ago, tomorrow at some point I may go back and read some of my blog posts from then. Should be an interesting read. I wish I had kept a diary as a child, or even a teenager. Looking back at what I was thinking then would be so fascinating. It also would have helped a lot in therapy…



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