I have officially moved. Shall be interesting to see how everything turns out. I got accepted into the public mental health system here. My Dr did say they were going to try word it to make sure I was. Obviously was a success. Although trying to work appointments around full time work shall be interesting. Makes keeping the whole thing a secret a tad niggly.


2 thoughts on “07/01/17

  1. i’ve had a very hard time finding a therapist who could see me in the evenings or on the weekends. I was taking sick time at work to see a therapist during the day, but it was “noticed” and even gently asked about. Although no one at work would be surprised by my diagnosis of depression, I have never let it be known officially. (I’ve seen what they do to people who have “issues” at my office!) I do have a new therapist now, but she can only see me about once a month, which is not very helpful.

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