A bit of a rant…..

Ok so I finally had an appointment I can bitch about. I had organised my first appointment which had to be 15 minutes with a nurse and 30 minutes with a GP. Well, the nurse was really nice which was good and you know she did her job. Shocking someone would actually do that I know.

But the GP was shit. He was just like how’s your mood, so you have been on these medications? Any you’ve been on them for a while now? Who initiated this? And who were they?  You know all the information the nurse had collected + information if they had just read for 5 minutes during the entire 30 minutes they had booked they would have known the answer. But no can’t even fucking skim read. Anyway, that wasn’t even the part that was the problem. I mean other that the fact that I saw no need for a 30-minute appointment. It just makes me extra shitty because that 15 minutes could have gone to someone else.  I mean I’m 22 years old, it’s called context people.

Also when I asked if I could have my iron checked because my iron always goes low. They said no, because “it was last checked in November and it was like 23”. And obviously because I was over the magic number of 20 3 months ago it must be fine. That would be fine, but my iron was 23 after taking 3 months of iron tablets. Again, people, it’s called context, it’s really not that hard!

Anyway, next time I go to make an appointment I will request a different Dr. I have never had to do that before, but I am not going to tolerate this shit. See I am going to take the iron tablets anyway, but I am really tempted to not and just let it get really low and be like well is you’d just done it 3 months ago like I had asked….


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