The types of people you meet

Does anyone else have this thing, I don’t know how to explain it…? It’s like you interact with some people, and they are nice, but you just know if you bring up the whole depression thing they just won’t get it. They will respond with oh exercise, or some sort of herbal bullshit. 

Then there are the people who you know will act like its and inconvenience to them, for fuck sake, throse whiny bitches. They are the worst. It’s not even that they don’t understand, they are just to self absorbed. 

Anyway, right now at my new job I’m like when should I drop this bombshell, maybe I never will. I would love to do it while everyone was praising me or some shit, hey guess who is mentally fucked. I really hope one day I’m invited to do some motivational speech or some shit because I’m all successful and shit. That would definitely be the best time.

Just to add because the tiny bit I have reread of this post, quite a lot of swearing. These are my unfiltered thoughts. In person I filter this a lot. 


2 thoughts on “The types of people you meet

  1. I certainly don’t share at work that I have depression (though I’m sure some have guessed it). I’ve seen what they do to people with mental health issues. (They find a reason to fire them.) Worse, though, as you said, are those who want to help though they have no idea what they’re talking about and have simplistic thoughts about what depression is. I just zip my lip and get my work done and then throw a very tall wall up between my work life and the rest of my life.

    (And my first therapist tried to get me on some herbal/vitamin treatment.)

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