We only get one life, which is annoying because some people fuck it up.

Sometimes people don’t think deep enough about things, they only see the surface.

Sometimes things look more simple than they are.

Why do we feel the need to simplify everything? 


2 thoughts on “24/02/17

  1. Keep it simple stupid or KISS. The majority don’t understand or have time to understand complexity. If I told you exactly how your mobile works or a car or how they make computers I expect they would glaze over in 30 seconds but if I say you can talk to people anywhere at any time or move faster than you can run or make huge computations quickly with no effort then they can understand That concept. Indeed much like I’m simplifying this explanation of what 30 +years experience of adult life gives you.
    Watch the film Lucy, with scarlet johanson and Legion the TV series. Both on Netflix.

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  2. This is why things like advertising and religion work so well. Because people want a script for their lives. They don’t want to do the hard work of thinking for themselves. They want easy answers. Fine for them, but it makes life miserable for many others (such as whichever group is currently vilified by a racial or ethnic slur which replaces observation and compassion).

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