Why is it that when life decides to shit on you, it does it with things you have no idea how to deal with. Why can’t it at least be shit that you are to blame for, rather than just dumping other people’s shit on you?

To top it of, I suck at talking to people about things, and even if I was good at that i don’t know anyone here well enough to talk about my shit to them. So I guess I just need to vent here. I am reluctant to go into detail online however.

I just need to bring myself back to what matters. But when I try to do that, all I feel is guilt.

I need to go make a Dr’s appontment, go talk to someone about something. But I can’t help feeling like what’s the point?


2 thoughts on “13/03/2017

  1. I’ve been trying to think of some sagely advice to give but without details is near impossible. If it’s work related go chat to HR, that’s what they are there for.
    I’ve know idea of your relationship with your parents but why not run it past them.
    Perhaps there is a phone service you could use like the samaritans or other mental health charity.
    Or I’m happy to listen. Pm me? I’m thousands of miles away.

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