Sometimes I wonder if I am actually bipolar because I sometimes just get really hyper, I don’t really think hyper is the right word. And I know full-blown mania is like next level, but hypomanic? I think in the past I have blown it off because I don’t think it has ever lasted long enough.

It’s hard to judge for yourself. But the thing is I am so weirdly the other way naturally, really quiet and withdrawn, not very spontaneous. But I just have these out of character bursts where I can’t stop talking, more impulsive, confident, really awake compared to normal. It’s hard to tell what’s normal.

What even is euthymia anyways? Is it different for different people, or should we all have the same level of… thymia?


3 thoughts on “Thymia

  1. It’s a side effect of your medication, I also have sessions of mania too.
    I am told that as your brain reconnects neural pathways, that the depression had shut down and self heals, you can get dopamine spikes. One from the brain doing what it should do and another hit from the meds.
    Kinda boring answer but a good sign that the meds are working correctly and you are healing or being less depressed.
    But hey enjoy them when they come but don’t get self destructive. I usually find myself missing the feeling so I like to try and extend it usually with alcohol often with less legal highs but always a double nasty come down. 😛

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  2. One last thought. I have been taking vitamin D at 25ug dose and Omega 3 oil capsules and they really seem to have helped me over the winter.
    Apparently a deficiency in both is common in depression.
    That are cheap and easy to take so might be worth considering?

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