Asking for help….

A few days ago I was sitting in a group of people getting the overly generalised talk about looking after mental health. My little sub-group was supposed to brainstorm ways to break down barriers. Well in the real world there are lots of barriers, eg. Money, hours of work, finding someone useful, and then there’s the when you ask, people tend to not know what to do. The response is usually do you need to go on medication, this is especially awkward as I’m on two medications not just one. Others are book another Drs appointment and buying me hot chocolate. Of these too be honest the most useful is probably the hot chocolate. 


One thought on “Asking for help….

  1. I took a sick day from work a few weeks ago and felt terrible because I lied to my boss, saying I was sick rather than just sick of the universe. My therapist said I was entitled to a day of self care. Looking at it that way, I don’t feel so bad. So while hot chocolate may not break down any barriers, it may make you feel better at least.


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