I Need Treatment Goals…

I just seem to be off in my own little world at the moment. It kinda reminds me of being a child. I think I’m overtired. . .

So I started this post a few days ago, haven’t gotten any further. Probably a nice summary of my general motivation to do anything right now. On the bright side if I’m not posting it usually means that my sleep is going good because if I’m posting regularly, it’s usually in the middle of the night and because I can’t sleep.

I have so many things that I need to do and I keep putting them off until the last minute. It needs to stop, but I can’t stop it. There is just this weird mental block there.

It’s really weird being at work, being a mental health patient and having no one know about it. Hearing the way people speak about mental health related things. People act like the people who get really angry are “mental”. But the thing is associating those people with mental health issues is wrong. The majority of people with mental health problems have way too much anxiety to express their anger at someone. Most of the time they can’t even go back and tell the cashier that they were given the wrong change.

I think I have been outwardly way more “flat” recently, which is annoying because soon I will have to deal with all the comments that go with that. If my boss bitches about it I will be annoyed because they told me not to chew gum, so with that comes no facial expressions. The person who is my main person I deal with through mental health was like maybe try mints…. what is the difference, how are mints ok and gum not? The strange concepts that go on in neurotypicals minds…

When I complained about the whole gum thing to other people they said, just claim its nicotine gum. The idea is good, other than the fact that I obviously don’t smoke. But the idea that it’s only ok if you are doing it to try quit smoking…

Sometimes I wonder how the people at work would react if they knew how mentally fucked I was, “I think they would be like oh shit have we said anything bad?” To which the answer would be, no, but you’re very nieve.

Anyway back to me. Mental health wants me to set goals… I’m not really a goal setter, all they do is make you feel shit when you fail. But they will get angry if I don’t have any, so please comment with any treatment goals you have had in the past…





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