So sad I can’t breathe

I’m sitting here all alone,

Feeling like I don’t belong.

Why does this world feel so wrong?

My life goes in circles, surrounded by contradiction,

What did I do to deserve this conviction.
And what does it take to be taken seriously?

You lack the ability to understand my misery, 

What happened to empathy?

And how am I supposed to heal,

when you act like my pain isn’t even real.
I’m surrounded by comparison,

I’m being suffocated by societies hatred and arrogance.

Sometimes I get so sad I can’t breathe,

Why can’t it all just be about what’s underneath

I should probably talk to a therapist.

My personality isn’t likeable, 
I have no confidence and it makes life feel so impossible.

I feel so expendable, worthless and small.

But I’m sure others have felt like me,
But we have to realise our vision is cloudy.

Let’s stop being prisoners in society,

and make this word a pleasant place to be.


Just because….

Just because I don’t tell you, 

Doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion, 

Doesn’t meant I’m not trying, 

And doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Just because I’m depressed, 

Doesn’t mean I’m not resilient, 

Doesn’t mean there was a cause, 

And doesn’t mean I’m a downer. 

Just because I’m not better, 

Doesn’t mean I’m not trying, 

Doesn’t mean I’m abnormal, 

And doesn’t mean you should stop trying. 

Just because you think you know me, 

doesn’t mean you do.