People Don’t Pay Attention

So recently a whole heap of shit went down that I don’t really want to talk about or write about.

Over the past couple of months I have had appointments with mental health most weeks, occasionally might be every 2 weeks. Mostly haven’t had much to talk about. The other thing is that over the past 2 months I have lost a decent amount of weight, and this isn’t weight that really needed to be lost. I was at a healthy weight to start with, I am still at a healthy weight but that’s not really the point. I approximately lost about 20 pounds, so not an overly unhealthy weight loss, but not really healthy.

The reason I am mentioning this is someone who has probably seen me about as often as mental health noticed. I don’t know if mental health is really that unobservant, or just didn’t feel it needed to be mentioned. Honestly, I think they didn’t notice.

Only one person has commented so far. I’m not looking for compliments, I just feel like it shows how much people pay attention.



Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. A lot has happened, but I’m going to wait a few days to see if anything changes. Hopefully it does, but it never seems to. 

My psychiatrist isn’t the brightest crayon in the box

Has anyone ever thought that their psychiatrist was prescribing inappropriately? Mine has prescribed 450mg SR and I’m supposed to take it all in the morning. But all the reason ems I read say that for the SR formulation the maximum dose is 400mg per day and should be taken as no more than 200mg in a single dose and doses should be eight hours apart. I’m not concerned about the 450mg vs 400mg as in my country we only have 150mg tablets, so 400mg isn’t an option. 

Doc said to take in the morning as otherwise I won’t sleep. But I’m no expert but I think I would rather take my chances on the insomnia than decreased seizure threshold. But doc’s risk benefit:analysis isn’t particularly strong.

I have already been taking them as prescribed but I’m considering just moving 1 150mg tablet to the evening.

Mental health keeps going on about setting goals, I have never been a goal setter and I have got far enough in life without them. But the thing is I do kinda set goals, I just don’t label them and there’s not a whole plan that goes with it. It’s just this is what I’m doing, this is the direction I’m going. As soon as you put restrictions on something, it’s easier to get out of. My way, something just slows you down, but you’re still going the same direction. 

Everyone works differently, goals can drive you. But they can also make you lazy. They can discourage you if things go wrong. They can make you feel guilty. 

But I should probably set some, any ideas? I have so far, 

Not taking any sick days off for mental health as I will finish work soon.

To apply for some other jobs.



I’m really dark at the moment because my boss knows about my mental health, and in quite a lot of detail I might add. Yet last week, when I was obviously having a bad week they didn’t even ask me if I was ok.

It’s so weird that when you first meet people you can tell whether someone is a good person to tell about mental health issues. On the bright side, I was on point with my judgement. But I’m still pissed.

I’m just trying to function and people want me to function better. I wish people weren’t so shit.

Just a rant about people 

Sorry haven’t been on here in a while. My life is just super uncertain at the moment. I’m so over people, they suck. Everyone is so fake, an people just don’t see through it. And I’m like hyper aware to any fake happiness bullshit, so I don’t understand how others don’t see it.

Why is it social convention to pretend we are all happy? And how do people not tell people to fuck off when people are faking overly happy bullshit. Why can’t it be social convention to not just display the emotion that is felt. It would be healthier. No one honestly asks people how their day is going, it’s all just fake as small talk bullshit. Why does everyone care about the weather so much?

Everyone puts up this front of wanting to be helpful, and then you ask for help and they’re fucking useless.

I mean I know I hate people but…

So a while ago I requested my mental health notes, and I finally got them. Most of it is ok, debatable, but people are allowed their own diagnostic opinion. So the psychiatrist I was seeing I didn’t like so I requested to change, they told me I was allowed a second opinion. I have since seen a 2nd psychiatrist but that interaction was too recent to be included in the notes.

So the first psychiatrist thinks I have avoidant personality disorder, which is interesting since I work in a job where I have to interact with people, but I’m not too pissed about that. This psychiatrist wrote a summary letter to the GP, which stated that I have not been able to do presentations in front of people. I’m not too sure where he got that from considering I did not tell him this as I have done multiple presentations in the past.

The next part was that he said I refused psychology and he thought it was due to my fear of meeting new people.. this was written after I requested to have a different psychiatrist and hence meet a new person. I mean it was this lack of logic that led me to request someone else in the first place.

I refused psychology because there was no way I could fit it in with work, and I mentioned this multiple times.

Also when you’re with mental health, trying to make your own medical decisions is labelled “not co-operating”.